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The Parlour by Dollhouse is a Summit Salon and an Exclusive Loreal Partner Salon. The owners, Ashley Renee and Tommie Michelle are graduates of the Salon Summit Business Center. The Parlour by Dollhouse has developed a culture of honesty, integrity, trust, and friendship. We strive to create an environment that empowers and enhances beauty inside and out.

Ashley Renee Hairstylist


Owner / Stylist / Extension Specialist

Ashley Renee is owner of The Parlour by Dollhouse. She has been a stylist behind the chair for 17 years. She specializes in healthy blondes, extensions and styling. She is dedicated to providing a safe and positive atmosphere for her clients and staff.

Favorite Color: Pink                                   Starbucks Drink: Brown sugar Shaken        

Favorite Music: Pop                                   Specialty:  Blondes & Extensions

Hobbies: Reading                                      Family life: 2 Girls

Instagram: @ashleyrenee_hairartistry

Online Booking: Schedule an appointment with Ashley HERE

Tommie Nail Tech and MUA


Nail Technician / Makeup Artist

Tommie Michelle has been in the beauty industry for 17 years, serving as a makeup artist for special events, on set and a fashion artist. She also does nails in salon specializing in Hard gel and Gel X, specialty art design 

Favorite Color: Yellow                                   Starbucks Drink: Iced Matcha w/ 3 pumps vanilla & oatmilk         

Favorite Music: Hip Hop & Country         Specialty: Hand painted nail art and soft makeup glam

Hobbies: Listening to Podcasts                     Family life: 2 boys, Lennon and Hendrix

Instagram: @painted_withtommie

Online Booking: 

Nena Salon Leader


Salon Leader 

Nena is our guest expert and the heart of the salons operations. She gets our guests checked in and taken care of, she helps all of our stylists with extra tasks and keeps things running smoothly in salon for our staff and our guests. Any questions regarding retail and appointments? She is your gal!

Favorite Color: Purple                                      Starbucks Drink: Iced carmel macchiato w/ salted cold foam        

Favorite Music: Country                                  Specialty: Keeping the salon running smoothly

Hobbies: Watching Gavin play baseball        Family life: 1 Son

Questions for Nena? Click here

Jacquie Hairstylist



Jacquie is a stylist of 5 years who is eager to take on any hair project. She loves BLONDING and also is our stylist that specializes in curly cuts.

Favorite Color: Pink           Starbucks Drink: Seasonal Cold Brew         Favorite Music: Country & Metal

Specialty: Curly Cuts          Hobbies: Working out                                   Family life: I have fur babies!!!

Instagram: @beautifulblondesby_jacquie

Online Booking: Schedule an appointment with Jacquie HERE

Angelica Hairstylist



Angelica or Gel as we call her, has been a stylist going on 10 years. She is driven to make other feel beautiful. She does amazing work with color and extensions.

Favorite Color: Green                                       Starbucks Drink: Carmel Macchiato upside w/ carmel foam       

Favorite Music: Rock, Metal & Rap             Specialty: Balayage & Styling     

Hobbies: Music, Family and decorating       Family life: I have 3 kids & 1 fur baby

Instagram: @cosmobeautygel1315

Online Booking: Schedule an appointment with Angelica HERE




Jordyn is a passionate and driven stylist looking to provide you with a luxurious experience. She specializes in living in custom color to enhance your natural beauty. She strives to provide a safe and comfortable space as well as hair that makes you feel beautiful and confident.

Favorite Color: Forest Green     Starbucks Drink: Vanilla Oatmilk Esspresso         Favorite Music: Indie

Specialty: Balayage                    Hobbies: Painting                        Family life: I have  1 fur baby named Binx

Instagram: @devinefemininemagnetism

Online Booking: Schedule an appointment with Jordyn HERE




Tori has been a stylist for 2 years specializing in silk press/ texture management services and fun colored vivids that makes heads turn. Her passion for the beauty industry thrives by wanting to make everyone that sits in her chair feel beautiful and confident in their own skin! 

Favorite Color: Purple                             Starbucks Drink: Iced black Tea Lemonade extra sweet       

Favorite Music: Alternative rock          Specialty: Vivids               

Hobbies: Playing Video Games              Family life: 8 year old son and 2 fur babies

Instagram: @thecosmocraft

Online Booking: Schedule an appointment with Tori HERE

Giselle Brow artist and MUA



Giselle is a passionate esthetician specializing in micro feathering aka microblading and combines meticulous brow expertise with a dedication to enhancing natural beauty, one precise stroke at a time. With an eye for detail and a commitment to personalized care, she is here to redefine your brow can and help boost your confidence.

Favorite Color: Purple and Black                         Favorite Music: Rock & Dream Pop

Starbucks Drink: Chai tea latte w/ coconut milk, 1 scoop matcha and 2 pumps vanilla sweeter      

Specialty: Brows          Hobbies: Writing              Family life: I have 2 fur babies

Instagram: @glamourr_bygigi

Online Booking: Schedule an appointment with Giselle HERE

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